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Chicago Roundtable

8月 18th, 2014

We will be in Chicago for the Roundtable meeting! September 15th-17th.

NBA Finals

6月 16th, 2014

What a display of chemistry and teamwork by San Antonio. Well deserved NBA Championship. And with NBA season officially ending, the countdown to the NFL and Texans season begins! Greystone Alloys is looking for Tungsten Carbide (inserts, drills, end mills, wear parts, sludge) as well as Cobalt Allo...

Nickel Market

4月 29th, 2014

With Indonesian exports to China being halted, the Nickel Market has steadily climbed and has hit the $8.30 range. Indonesia is China's leading supplier of Laterite Nickel (a cheaper alternative to pure nickel for producing stainless), which is used to produce Nickel Pig iron. With this news, we ant...